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The Balkan market is a very dynamic, fast-growing, and profitable market for all multinational European countries. This is where we are getting on the scene, providing our services to connect European companies to companies like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, etc.

Energy Solutions Group is a leading consulting company specialized in energy, infrastructure, power transmission lines, substations, renewal energy (solar and wind), hydro power plants, turbines, pipes, infrastructure, communication technologies and development with Balkan project orientation.

The core of Energy Solutions Group's activities is the client’s satisfaction and project objectives. With our innovative approach and vast experience for more than 11 years in these fields, Energy Solutions Group aims to build partnership work with our clients and create good network in the Balkan countries where the projects are implemented.

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Al Energy Transmission aims to deliver world-class consulting services and thrives to achieve our client’s satisfaction.


Our main mission is providing reliable consultancy and creating value for our clients thus making competitive portfolio.


Our core values are distinguished by proffesionalism, quality, integrity and promoting energy efficienty.

Message from our CEO

“The biggest challenge of humanity these years is to produce sufficient sustainable energy to support economic growth and prosperity. The key factors for winning this challenge is technology innovation and operating excellence.
Energy Solutions Group commitment is focused on supporting utilities, manufacturers and governmental institutions all around Balkans in building and strengthening their position in the energy field. Our consultant services range from renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and energy accumulation, to the reduction of carbon emissions for traditional technologies and the more widespread use of smart grids and electric mobility.
As a truly trusted consulting company in the electricity sector for more than 11 years and with our wide range of expertise, we are your real partner for your future challenges and we are ready to provide consultancy to help you steer the world towards a more secure, sustainable and smarter energy future.
We want to be the partner who creates value for you. Let’s walk this exciting journey forward, together.”
Vasil Kallupi
CEO, Founder
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Our Experience (11+)

Energy Solutions group is proud of its extensive portfolio and expertise for more than 11 years in the field. With your help we grow.

Our Work (50+)

More than 50 large and small projects in our portfolio are reflecting our proffessionalism.

Member (100+)

The team of more than 100 experts are working day and night to create value for our clients.

Why Energy Solutions Group are different

As experts with years of experience in the energy field, we understand your needs to receive innovative solutions which will make your business grow.

- Inovative flexible solutions
- Transparent costs
- Viable and cost-effective energy storage solutions

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