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Wind Turbines

Onshore wind is one of the most successful renewable energy sectors, but still with much potential for further cost of energy reduction. Our wind consultancy includes development advice, asset management advisory and gives our clients excellence in guiding your business and technology decisions to meet market need. Our team has led major technology development projects related with wind turbine manufacturers. We know about all the requirements, both technically and commercially, in order to take products from paper to market. Our great reputation and extensive experience allow us to bring investors and technology providers together for mutual benefit.

Hydro Turbines

Hydro turbines transfer the energy from moving water to a rotating shaft to generate electricity. These turbines rotate as a result to water being introduced to their blades. Hydro turbines are essential in the area of generating power from water. At ESG we provide expert advisory and consultancy services with full project capability from feasibility studies. through design with all details installation all the way to the end of the project.

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