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Intelligent automation benefits in energy and utilities sector

The global energy sector is under pressure due to an increasingly competitive environment. Innovaions and decentralised energy systems are the new forms of competitions to gain market share. Meanwhile, consumer preferences for clean, sustainable energy are changing. In order to stay at the top of the industry, embracing the latest technologies is the ultimate key to success. Progress has been made in the renewable energy domain. More and more electricity and gas companies use data from sensors on wind turbines to make accurate wind forecasts based on predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. On the other side, water utilities companies are not so keen on intelligent automation. The largest water utilities, demonstrates the opportunities which are foregone. More and more companies nowadays are starting to use artificial intelligence to analyse data sets of the weather, electricity prices, water etc. The information they get from this helps them to make decision on the most cost-effective way to put pumps, minimise risk of discolored water and detect burst pipes. In every county the implementation of automation differs. In the United States, almost a quarter of all energy and utilities companies have multiple use cases deployed at scale. In France and India, this percentage is 16%, while in the Netherlands percentage stands at just 2% and in Sweden is 0%. Energy concultancy which promotes including automation has many benefits  like increase in operations quality, improved data accuracy and workforce agility, an increase in staff productivity, a faster turnaround time for service requests, revenue, etc.

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